Sony HXR-NX70 Firmware Upgrade coming early 2012

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Sony are listening to us…there are two things missing from the NX70 and both are being addressed early 2012 with a firmware upgrade (FW).

1. 720p is a very useful setting but is missing from the NX70…this will be enabled with a FW upgrade.

2. The second FW upgrade is music to my and many NX70 users…the ability to to record onto card and internal memory at the same time, once again this will be enabled early next year.

There may be other enhancements nearer the time but this is indeed fantastic news for all NX70 owners, it just goes to prove that Sony take our comments seriously. Firmware upgrading is a great advancement in todays new technology allowing companies like Sony to enhance features that may only become apparent after the camera hits the marketplace…top marks to Sony.

As a further update I have just finished an 8 minute major corporate shoot for a large drinks manufacturer, two years ago I did a similar shoot using a Sony EX-1, this time it was all shot on the Sony NX70 and the shots were better than my EX-1 could produce and a lot less noisy.

I am about to embark on a major documentary about type 1 diabetes and it will be a mixture of NX70 and FS100 footage, shot at 1080 50p. The cameras are well matched and having the new FW enhancements at the turn of the year will give the NX70 a further professional enhancement.

I hope Sony are also addressing the zoom rocker switch to make it more variable please and a PAL/NTSC switch in the menu would also be appreciated.

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  1. Les says:

    I am a Panasonic fan, I wish Panasonic could learn a thing or 2 from Sony/Canon regarding FW upgrade.

  2. HD Warrior says:

    The new 130/160 and 250 camcorders should finally add FW but the specs of the HPX250…10bit 4:2:2 P2 with AVC-Intra Codec Recording, I am not sure you need much else.

  3. Mike Hammer says:

    What about the Sony AX-2000, NX5 cousin? It’s the same machine (without SDI port and memory pack) but it don’t have 720p. It’s a ridiculous cut. A firmaware update will be great.

  4. markphil says:

    Great news, nice to hear of your experiences with the NX70, have had mine for a few weeks and have been very pleased with it. Looking forward to seeing some of your work!

  5. Aljosa says:

    Will it be some changes re PAL/NTSC switchable, e.g. 50p and 60p in the same camera? That would be really great as well!

  6. Frans Drent says:

    I am hesitating to buy the cam. The too speedy zooming keeps me from buying it yet.
    Thanks for the great review btw.

  7. Marcelo Cateysson says:

    I live in Brazil and I am a user of the NX70. I wish someone had suggested that Sony put in this update, some adjustment to the speed of ZOOM, because the slightest pressure on the zoom button, it shoots very fast. I like many others, like using the ZOOM very slow. If anyone can suggest this to Sony, I am grateful. I just do not send because I do not know where to send the email. thanks

  8. Steve says:

    I hope Sony will address the poor white balance with the fw upgrade.
    Most shots with some bright or white parts in it are terribly overexposed and therefore show no details. Just watch the many videos on youtube uploaded from users (and not Sony) and you will see what I mean.
    The zoom is another weak point of this camcorder. And a feature to switch between PAL and NTSC should be standard for a camcorder like this.
    Other than that, the camera is fun to work with!

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