Zacuto update the EVF firmware to 1.01.00.

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The new firmware has been posted by Zacuto to update their EVFs and we now have metering…fantastic !  Using it with the Sony FS100 now gives you -24dB, -12dB and 0dB, something badly missing from the Sony LCD.

Sadly you still can’t monitor 1080 50p but I am sure this will come in a further update.

Firmware 1.01.00 includes the following updates:

-Audio meters enabled that are able to be positioned in any of the four corners.
-Battery meter can now be positioned in any of the four corners
-Audio loop through enabled
-Underscan now implemented
-Can now save and recall Chroma, Contrast and brightness settings as presets.
-Changes to color, brightness and contrast are now saved on power down and return on power up.
-Red One, Sony FS100 scaling presets added
-Various glitch and bug fixes


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