Apples OSX-Lion is let loose

Ok so I was slack today and did not look out for Lion as I have done for the last week but as they say a watched kettle never boils.

 As you can see I am downloading this onto my iMac as I type so I can give you the low  down tomorrow evening.

I am not prepared or stupid enough to install this beast onto my MacPro as I have a  working FCP-7.0.3 and do not under any circumstances want to break it.

That is my main tip even if you are running FCP-10 do not download Lion as there has  never been an operating system to date that has not broken FCP in the past with various  bugs.

It seems to take an age to download the screen capture you see here was started at 8pm  this evening and it’s now 11.30pm !

Not sure how it will effect FC Express but thats a gamble I am willing to take if all else fails I still have the option to download FCP-10 onto the iMac but that would be a pig not to mention the £200.

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