Zacuto update the EVF firmware to 1.01.00.

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The new firmware has been posted by Zacuto to update their EVFs and we now have metering…fantastic !  Using it with the Sony FS100 now gives you -24dB, -12dB and 0dB, something badly missing from the Sony LCD.

Sadly you still can’t monitor 1080 50p but I am sure this will come in a further update.

Firmware 1.01.00 includes the following updates:

-Audio meters enabled that are able to be positioned in any of the four corners.
-Battery meter can now be positioned in any of the four corners
-Audio loop through enabled
-Underscan now implemented
-Can now save and recall Chroma, Contrast and brightness settings as presets.
-Changes to color, brightness and contrast are now saved on power down and return on power up.
-Red One, Sony FS100 scaling presets added
-Various glitch and bug fixes


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Motion 5 Revisited…”Bad News”

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While editing an update for one of my major clients I have discovered that Motion 5 is at present useless. I started to notice the program becoming sluggish and the beach ball of death coming on with the simplest of tasks, then it happened I was converting a PDF file into a JPEG and using the 3D mode to track the words on the page Motion 5 quit, I tried it twice more then gave up.

I am now back with Motion 4 and it works flawlessly…how can Apple bring out a new version of a program and get it so wrong ? I use Motion all the time and was getting the hang of 5 but this serious bug has taken the wind out of my sails. FCPX and Motion 5 are not fit for purpose, Apple should be ashamed of themselves bringing out such buggy unfinished software.

Both Adobe and Avid are hunting out disgruntled FCP users by giving us up to 50% off their software, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 is got to be worth thinking about, I used Premiere Pro back in its infancy versions 1 and 1.5 and I loved it, Encore is a great solution for authoring DVDs and sending the DVD screen straight to Photoshop.

Avid is not my cup of tea, its been too pricy for to long, has problems with simple codecs like Sony’s SxSªand has had a succession of editors jumping from Avid to FCP 7 over the last two years so all in all I think Avid have missed the boat.

SxSª : This is based on a friend who shoots onto a Nanoflash and gives an Avid editor SxS, MP4 file and the computer does not recognise MP4, I do appreciate this is probably an earlier version of the software or the drivers are not up to date.

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Rangers Ally McCoist fall’s out over BBC edit !

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I only came in on this at 2am this morning so forgive me if my spelling is a bit out of sync. Mr Ally McCoist has jumped in with two feet over a BBC Scotland report last Friday.

Anyone who edits like myself would appreciate the problem the BBC editor had with this press conference at Ibrox, Ally McCoist who has spent more than enough time on television does not seem to appreciate the problems with “JUMP CUTS”. In my opinion the editor simply saw the closer cutaway shot as a good match as his mouth position was very similar coming out of the shot. The editor was unaware of the slight smirk on McCoists face pertaining to the question being asked.

Only last year I was in that same press room filming and editing Rangers v Manchester United and the pressure you are under is enormous, you are asked to film all the questions so its very difficult to get cutaways for the editor unless you are me, filming and editing makes my job a whole lot easier.

I am no fan of the BBC but for once I can see a genuine edit to save a jump cut (two similar shots) that has been taken out of context. I really think Mr McCoist should have asked one of his media friends about this before attacking the BBC and a simple explanation would have averted him looking a tad stupid.

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Video shows worth noting…

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It’s almost that time of year again when I pack my bags and drive down to Newcastle and jump on a DFDS ferry to attend IBC 2011 in Amsterdam (9th September 2011), if Sony, Panasonic or JVC have any new toys up their sleeves this is the show to be at. This time I hope to report on various manufacturers selling all the accessories like the new Gemini 4:4:4, I will also be filming with the FS100 and one of my NX70s.

I hope to get a hands on preview of the new Panasonic camcorders the AG-AC160 AVCAM and the AG-HPX250 P2 both hand held.

I will certainly produce a video review of the 160 and the 250 when I get my hands on them, the AG-HPX250 is aimed at the Canon XF305 market place it will be down to noise and low light capabilities wether it kicks the Canon off it’s perch.

The next show I will be attending will be Coventry for Pro Video 2011 the main two day show produced by the IOV, 19-20th October 2011. We hope to not only see the 3 new camcorders from Panasonic at this show but hopeful be selling them as well via H Preston Media.

The last and newest show of 2011 will be BVE North, this will be held in Manchester and is a brave move by BVE to hold a second video show 2 months before their biggie held in London, February 2012. I am not sure if I am attending this show yet but I will keep you informed nearer the time.


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Apples OSX-Lion is let loose

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Ok so I was slack today and did not look out for Lion as I have done for the last week but as they say a watched kettle never boils.

 As you can see I am downloading this onto my iMac as I type so I can give you the low  down tomorrow evening.

I am not prepared or stupid enough to install this beast onto my MacPro as I have a  working FCP-7.0.3 and do not under any circumstances want to break it.

That is my main tip even if you are running FCP-10 do not download Lion as there has  never been an operating system to date that has not broken FCP in the past with various  bugs.

It seems to take an age to download the screen capture you see here was started at 8pm  this evening and it’s now 11.30pm !

Not sure how it will effect FC Express but thats a gamble I am willing to take if all else fails I still have the option to download FCP-10 onto the iMac but that would be a pig not to mention the £200.

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Chasing Legends

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Sunday being a slack day saw me watching the 2011 Tour de France stage 15 which finished at Montpellier, France. I was able to keep abreast of the race on my iPad.

Todays Tour de France is full of technology keeping arm chair fans like myself updated at every turn of the 194Km. During the race I noticed one of the commentators mention Chasing Legends a fantastic DVD directed by Jason Berry.

Photo © Joe Foley

Jason “There is no greater sporting event in all of cycling than the Tour de France. Chasing Legends touches on the rich history, passion and true grit of The Tour as seen through the eyes of Team HTC Columbia along with commentary from Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen, Eddy Merckx, Lance Armstrong and some of the sports most prolific heros. With a stunning array of HD cameras, poignant and touching interviews, “Chasing Legends” will take viewers deeper into the pro peloton than ever on a roller coaster ride of action, story and emotion.”

Photo © Joe Foley

This is Jason using his Sony EX-1, just one of the cameras used in the making of this legendary documentary about the heros of cycling.

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Shocking NEWS…Apple increase their floundering FCPX by £20

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Shocking NEWS from the Final Cut community is Apples underhand price hike from £179 to £199 in the space of two weeks ! Not only has this Janet and John editing system been reviled by professional editors around the planet, but the first time in Apples history that they have had such negative press around one product.

I am speechless as to Apples marketing ploy on this one when Adobe are now offering a massive 50% discount on their excellent 5.5 Production suite. You have no option but to buy Premiere if you want to produce Blu-ray DVDs as Encore to my knowledge is the only Mac platform DVD authoring software available today.

FCPX should be 50% less in my opinion as it has left out at least 50% of it’s previous incarnation including the ability to produce multi-cam editing. Some twat is dicking around with Apple and it’s reputation, I only hope Steve Jobb’s gets out his sick bed and kicks someones ass…sooner rather than later.


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Motion 5…1st Play

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I had installed Final Cut Express onto my iMac in order to give my son a computer to edit his blog videos. It was a pain in the ass every-time he needed a new graphic as I did them all on Motion-4 in the edit suite next door, then came the breakthrough, Motion 5, downloadable from the APP store.

I was not to sure if Motion 5 was compatible with FCP- Xpress but if you don’t try so I paid a further £29 to Apple and installed Motion 5 on the 27″ iMac, fortunately it’s one of the newer breed iMac’s with an HD graphics board as Motion 5 needs Open CL to work properly.

As you can see I used Motion 5 to tart up Scotts newest blog video about his charity football match but the one thing that had scuppered me was the ability to extend the duration of the timeline, this was easy in version 4 but some clown in Apple has decided to bury this very important feature in a menu.

First thing you do is click on the project at the very top of your layers window as shown, then click on the Property tab under the Inspector tab and you will now see the “Duration” and can make the timeline any length you want.


Once again the plonkers at Apple have taken it upon themselves to keep all the Motion windows locked after allowing us the freedom in version 4 to position the windows between two screens, if you so desire.

Quite frankly I do not see much difference between version 4 and 5 but then again I am not yet using FCP-10 which has a few effects shared with Motion 5 but the fact you can now download it for £29 and use it with FC-Xpress is worth every penny in my opinion.

Here is the video we produced for my sons football blog using the Sony NX70 at 1080 50p (Mistake), this had to be ingested into FCP-7 using my AJA box and down-converting to 720 50p.

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Filming in Newcastle

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Today was a proud moment as a father as my son was playing in a football match with all proceeds going to a team in Onagawa, Japan. The team in Japan were devastated when the recent tsunami hit their wee town. (PS. Thats the new Sony NX70).

When the UK football bloggers heard of their plight they got together to arrange a charity football match to help the stricken Japanese football team.

As you can see Birtley football ground is not one of the major Newcastle teams but they have the biggest hearts in holding this event putting to shame major mainstream football clubs.

As I said it was a proud day for Susan and myself when Scott took to the football pitch, I had agreed to film the match which will be edited by Scott for his blog,

My collie Flori was right in her element watching the ball pass up and down the football pitch, wishing she was part of the fun.

It was very refreshing to see a female lines-woman, all in all it was a great day out and what came out of the day was the community spirit, people had travelled from Edinburgh and London to take part in this Northern event all to help a wee team in Japan struck by adversity…it’s nice to report a good news story for a change.

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JVC Creation Tour at CVP in Studley

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