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I am now looking through all the footage deciding wether to do a bumper review or to split the footage into two reviews, give me your thoughts if you have feelings either way.

UPDATE : Having cut my FS100 review of the camcorder and its features it lasts 9 minutes alone so I have decided to cut 2 reviews as it would be far to long to include both cameras.

The pictures from both these cameras at 1080 50p are better than cameras 4x their price, they are drop dead gorgeous. The best thing about both these Sony camcorders is that they down-convert to 720p, now you may well ask why drop to 720 when you have such wonderful footage. FCP-7 does not have the ability to edit 1080 50p as yet but you can down-convert from 1080 50p to 720 50p and the pictures look great.

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  1. Mike Beckett says:


    Interesting little rig for the NX70, the bars setup. Is this to make it more “weighty” so it works well with the tripod?

  2. Chris Gibbs says:

    My NX-70 arrives on Wednesday. Ordered it purely on your recommendation, so I would love to see a review of it first! That little mic-blimp you’re using for example?


  3. HD Warrior says:

    I have a Miller Compass 25 which is not really suitable for use with smaller camcorders like the NX70, so the bar setup helps the camcorder fasten tight to the tripod base plate.

  4. HD Warrior says:

    You will not be disappointed, I bought two NX70s and I am delighted with the quality of picture…1080 50p is the holy grail for me and it looks fantastic. This wee camera performs like a camcorder 4x the price and if you can’t use 1080 50p you can down-convert it to 720 50p out of the mini HDMI.
    The mimi blimp is a mini screen from Rycote but remember as is stands you still need a windjammer to protect it from wind noise.

  5. Chris Gibbs says:

    What size windjammer & blimp Phillip? B&H stock quite a few different lengths.
    Speaking of frame rates 1080/60p looks very interesting for run & gun DNG work. Higher base shutter of 125th, nice slow motion if needed, better freeze frame (stills too). Thanks for the heads-up on the camera!

  6. AndyB says:

    Can’t wait for the review of the NX70 Philip – I’m very interested to see how it performs against the Canon XF100/105 which I’m also considering. Thanks for all the effort you put into your website – it’s become a daily visit!

  7. Mike Beckett says:

    Hi Chris,

    I have the same setup, it’s a 10cm mini windscreen from Rycote. See some pics and details from me on DVinfo here: http://tinyurl.com/nx70wind

    I had a 12cm version, but it was too long and when the fur cover was on it poked into the top right of the picture. This cam needs a very short mic due to the very wide lens.

  8. Gabor says:

    Dear Philip, asking if Vegas Pro can handle 1080/50p
    If so, why do fuss with FCP?

  9. Chris Gibbs says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks, I appreciate the sizing tips. So the blimp is effectively creating dead air around the mic element and sits underneath the fluffy windjammer.
    We stills guys have a lot to learn…… (:-)
    This is a great site, thanks Philip!

  10. Dave says:

    I’d also love to see a review comparing the NX70 and XF100. Seems like a natural competition for those looking to buy a small ENG cam.

    Thanks! Dave

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