Sony HXR-NX70 Full HD jpeg

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Click the picture above to see a full frame jpeg.


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  1. Arran Eye says:

    Looking good. Did you observe the drastic fall-off in lens transmission prevalent on the MC50?

  2. HD Warrior says:

    Not yet but to be fair I was not looking for it. When I get mine it will be the 1st task on my list.

  3. Matt says:

    I’ve heard the camera is good in low light. I’m wondering how good. I’m can understand the f-10 at 2000 lux rating of an EX-1 or f-11 to f-13 on a PMW -350. How would it rate against those cameras? Many thanks!

  4. Arran Eye says:

    …and your second task (I hope) will be to get it over to Arran in time for Saturday’s musical drama!

  5. Chris Gibbs says:

    Could you give us a primer (we stills guys) as to what exactly this camera is producing file-wise?

    Canon are saying their new XA10 cameras are capable of producing *native 24p* as well as the other AVCHD file-types.


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