Fuji X100 “Flawed Autofocus” and that’s official

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One of the most respected photographic review web sites has just completed their full user review on the Fuji X100 and surprise, surprise come to the same conclusions as I first reported…

DPreview “Autofocus not quite as fast and accurate as the best mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras”

The camera also scored an overall poor 73% and could only attain their SILVER AWARD so maybe the numpties who hung me out to dry and had a bitching session, at my expense, on the DPreview boards can now apologise for what was a very accurate assessment of this flawed camera.

In fact this is one reply on their Fuji X100 forum that puts it in a nutshell…


  • The power of dpreview and its reviews
  • The dreadful mess that Fuji seem to have made of this camera’s firmware
  • The bad history Fuji have with firmware updates

Then I don’t think we need to worry about any post-nuclear-incident problems in Japan and possible consequent supply shortages, because this camera just isn’t going anywhere, fast. I would love to know how many orders have been cancelled today.

Build a Rolls-Royce and power it with a 150cc 2 stroke motorcycle engine….

The best bit about the Fiji X100 was the box it came in.

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  1. anonymous says:

    I came to the same conclusion as you about the AF initially, til i discovered af-c mode…now the AF is much more accurate and fast and the camera is definitely a keeper!

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