EVF Gamechangers $750

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Built-in features for precise image evaluation: Focus assist via red peaking over black and white, exposure assist with under and over exposure Zebras, 1:1 pixel zoom feature with positionable recall featureOn-board interchangeable batteries (4xAA) plus external wide band 4-16V DC input Super crisp 24bit 3” screen with 800×480 resolutionFull-featured HDMI loopthrough, including audio for uncompressed recording with an external deviceRED One/Epic/Scarlet compatible.

Sleek yet rugged physical design and maximized usability after hundreds of hours of testingAltera Cyclone FPGA chip: enabling lightning fast startup and seamless HD video processing at the highest image quality. It also provides a solid platform for future developments of additional features, such as remote control and vectorscopes.Optical construction offering generous diopter compensation. Vacuum laminated double element achromatic lens, utilising ULD glass element for perfect image quality.

MSRP $750. Shipping in Q2 2011

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