AF101 Blu Ray DVD special for BVE £40…”Quick start Guide”

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As a first in the UK I am bringing out a Blu Ray HD tutorial DVD of the Panasonic AF101 as a show special for BVE 2011. Basically it’s a quick start guide for your AF101, going over menu settings, tutorials, lens guide and lots more we will have an updated version of my twenty minute review plus lots more fresh footage adding up to 35-40mins of HD viewing.

Not only will you see me testing the AF101 against the Sony PMW-350 in a low light showdown (+18dB) but I will take you on one of my corporate jobs and show you the AF101 from behind the scenes. I will be taking you through the various menus, how to switch the camera to NTSC, show you how to use Panasonic’s AVCAM viewer and how to get your clips into Final Cut Pro 7. There will be a section that only contains AF101 footage just to let you see the quality in HD.

I will be on the H Preston Media stand (K10) at Earls Court demonstrating the AF101. We will have limited stock of the Blu Ray DVD’s for the show but you can purchase a copy by emailing me at

Why wait for the show…I can also send a copy to you via my PayPay account, all you need to do is email me and I can send you a PayPal payment request.

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Sony F3 web resource NOW LIVE

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Just a note to let you all know that the Sony PMW-F3 web resource is now live, if any of you want to contribute to the site send me an email.

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Schneider mFT lenses looking to capture the AF101 market

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Schneider-Kreuznach has joined the “Micro Four Thirds System Standard Group” – a consortium of companies with the objective of improving the possibilities and quality of compact digital cameras. Developed by Olympus and Panasonic, “Micro Four Thirds” is a standard for lens mounts that is tailored to digital system cameras. “This standard has great potential. It simplifies and improves the options for compact digital cameras and offers an excellent opportunity for the industry as a whole, as well as for us as a lens manufacturer. We are working intensively on a corresponding series of lenses,” says Dr. Josef Staub, CEO of the Schneider Group.

The standard defines the sensor size, the lens mount together with the communication protocol, the aspect ratio and the flange back distance, as well as the optical requirements for production and construction. The industry standard has been developed deliberately without taking into account conventional lenses, cameras or sensor sizes. In this way, compatibility problems with older components are avoided as is the need to compromise when designing new components.

The forum standard policy means that any member company can make and distribute accessories for the system that meet the standard. It is therefore possible to combine components from different manufacturers.

HDW : This is good news especially for AF101 owners but the downside will be the cost, Schneider lenses are not cheap but if you want the best money can buy then look no further.

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Sony F3 web site

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Here is your first look at our new users web site for the Sony F3. I should be getting a Sony F3 in about three weeks time with three Sony Prime lenses and producing a user video review by the middle of March 2011. I hope to film a small drama with the camera as part of the review.

Spoke to Mike Tapa today and he has promised a Nikon to Sony F3 adapter while I am producing the F3 video review.

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BBC NEWS “Live News links”

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You do have to question why the BBC let themselves down with shockingly bad white balances especially in a controlled environment like a live link. Tonight I watched the ever enfolding news coming out of Egypt when to my horror we were presented with two live feeds coming out of Egypt, one from George Alagiah on the left and the other from John Simpson on the right.

Time and time again we are regularly treated to exceptionally poor technical output especially WHITE BALANCES…”We can see John that’s all that matters”. Well in my opinion it’s sloppy, from the cameraman in front of John to the technicians taking the feed back in BBC London.

One small LED camera light would have lifted this shot, instead we are treated to what looks like orange sodium lighting thats impossible to WB with and a shot of John Simpson looking more like Homer Simpson. Why do you bother training cameramen and women if you are going to produce this type of shot.

I realise George is in a more controlled working environment I suspect a hotel room while John is in possibly a local car park but technically poor shots like John’s let the BBC down as an organisation and all for the use of one camera light.

There is no excuse for sloppiness in television, we now have colour LCDs and viewfinders, the BBC have just taken charge of 200 Sony PMW-350’s and 50 PMW-500 camcorders all with colour viewfinders…there is no excuse !


I was reminded by my friend Chris that John Simpson and crew were told to leave or their lives might be at risk which is why it was decided not to use a camera light which is fine but my issue is with London itself you are not telling me that they do not have the facility to tweak the colour balance before they send it to the transmitter !

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Editing with AVCHD

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I think it’s important to discover what your editing software can do before buying a camcorder, this is especially so when it comes to AVCHD. As a rule of thumb the most recent version of your software will stand a better chance of editing AVCHD than buying a new solid state camcorder and crossing your fingers.

Apple Final Pro 7, Avid Media Composer 5, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Sony Vegas Pro 10…all of these packages will run AVCHD but sadly none of these NLE software supports 1080 50p which is going to play a bigger part during the introduction of Sony’s NXCAM Super 35mm camcorder due out June/July 2011.

I get at least one phone call a week talking about AVCHD and compatible software and it’s normally people running earlier versions of the above software, I can’t make it more planer if you want to upgrade to HD and especially AVCHD then you must be running the most up to date version of your software to stand a chance.

Everyone wants the best camcorder and usually spends good money on the “flashy” end of the video process but so many of you neglect the belt and braces part of your business the EDIT SOFTWARE the second most important part of your chain and you can’t be bothered spending three to five hundred pounds to upgrade to the latest version of the software !

UPDATE : I guess I missed the best of the lot…EDIUS 6 not only does it handle AVCHD natively but it edits 1080 50p as well…fantastic…sadly unless you are willing to run your MAC in PC mode via Parallels then this software is PC only, I would have been tempted bar for the need for a PC !

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Zacuto Z Finder EVF

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Zacuto are bringing out a great EVF for all cameras that output HDMI so if you have a DSLR to a Sony F3 this is the number one viewfinder on the planet. Zacuto are renowned for their build quality so I have no doubt that this new EVF will find it’s way into a few AF101/F3 camera bags.

Focused on the expanding indie filmmaker market, Sony has announced the release of its new super 35mm digital production camera, the PMW-F3. Sony is calling their new PWM-F3 a camera for “professional shooters, resulting in high-performance digital capabilities at an ‘indie’ price.” Sounds perfect for Zacuto – and it is!

The Sony F3 has high sensitivity and shallow depth of field. It comes with a PL mount adaptor giving users more flexibility in lens selection. These qualities make the camera ideal for use in many digital production applications, ranging from feature film work to indie budget documentaries and corporate videos. Zacuto has the ideal professional accessories to outfit your new Sony F3. Our Universal Baseplate becomes the center of your kit which can be customized to fit any shooting style and need.

Zacuto’s First Look at the Sony PMW – F3 Camera. In this video, Kari Hess, from Abel Cine Tech Chicago, gives Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn a “First Look” at the Sony PMW F3. Check out this professional grade super 35MM camera with 1080 60p,4:2:2 or 4:4:4 possible, PL mount lens and more.

For more product information check out:
Cine Baseplate Kit
Indie Baseplate Kit
Z-Finder EVF

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