BVE Day One

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Start of the day did not go to well, driving up the A4 towards Earls Court we managed to get a flat tyre, £169 later we were parking at BVE, £25 per day !

The show is massive and very busy, I was on duty showing off the Panasonic AF101 and the Sony F3. The F3 with prime lenses is a lot heavier than I was expecting but theres no doubt it looks the part.

Andy Guest from H Preston Media took this flattering pic of me, John Preston seemed to be doing a thriving trade and from all accounts selling AF101 and F3 camcorders.

This is indeed the year of the shallow depth of field video camcorders, Sony and Panasonic still had their fare share of shoulder mounts and hand held camcorders but you can detect the tide is now firmly turning towards the larger sensor cameras.

Tomorrow I will see if their is anything new on offer, I bought some Rycote under covers and stickies today and a Rycote universal camera kit as I am a big fan of the Miniscreen Windshield which is now standard on all my camera mics.

My own DVD is selling like hot cakes from three outlets so don’t delay or be disappointed make sure you pick up a copy today.

On the subject of the AF101 a lot of interest on day one mainly from seasoned cameramen looking for that shallow depth of field.

With so many third party accessories coming on board for the AF101 it’s getting hard to keep up but I was playing with the new shoulder stabiliser system from IDX and I was more than impressed I will get some pics and prices for tomorrow.

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Set Up Day at BVE

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Today (Tuesday) is the first day of BVE at Earls Court in London. This is the video show worth attending as it’s the biggest show outside IBC, Amsterdam.

From what I gather Sony will have an updated version of their Super 35mm NXCAM film like camcorder due June-July 2011. I hope for Sony’s sake it looks far closer to a video camera than the strange conceptual camera seen at the F3 press launch.

I will be demonstrating the Panasonic AF101 and the Sony F3 throughout the day at H Preston Medias stand (K10) come and say hello and as an experiment the first person to come to the stand and tell me they read HD Warrior gets a free copy of my “Heads Up” DVD (SD DVD version).

So I hope to see a few of you over the next three days.

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75mm f1.9 Switar lens back after 20 years in an attic

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About two weeks ago I got a phone call from my friend Norrie who was very interested in my dealings with the Panasonic AF101. He told me he had some prime lenses up in the attic that were gathering dust “Old Bolex ‘C’ mount lenses”.

I got onto the internet to discover a chap in China had been using ‘C’ mount lenses with his Panasonic G2 mFT camera so I hunted down a ‘C’ mount to mFT lens adapter and it was with me by the end of the week.

Today I took a trip to Norrie’s house and we both had a look at the AF101 and the Bolex mount lenses, but could I find that ‘C’ mount adapter anywhere, I could have sworn it was in my CB200 KATA bag…but alas time got the better of me and Norrie told me to take the lenses away with me.

This chap above Yu-Lin-Chan is using the Switar 75mm lens and I note from his info that these lenses were not only made in Switzerland but around the 1950-1960s and is very good glass indeed as the picture of the wee girl proves.

I got home to discover that the adaptor was indeed in the KATA bag, in a front pouch that I forgot it had. I tried the 10 and 25mm lenses but they suffered very bad vignetting so my next try was the 50mm f1.8 lens and it worked a treat. The best of the lot was the 75mm f1.9 lens remembering that we have a 2x crop giving the lens a 150mm angle of view…fantastic.

Amazing prime lenses that were used in a different era (1960s) even back then they were top notch and after a long lie in Norries attic they have seen the light of day and will be cherished by myself and used frequently on the AF101 at the drop of a hat !

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“Heads Up” available in Blu-Ray or SD DVD

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I decided the DVD was going to be named “Heads Up” because it does what it says on the tin…If you buy a Panasonic AF101 there are some tweaks to various menus that would be daunting unless you get a “Heads Up” via the DVD.

I walk you through various menus, AVCAM viewer tutorial, Final Cut Pro-7 tutorial on log and transfer, various lenses from mFT Lumix to Canon and Nikon using an MTF adapter. Show you how to calibrate a BeBob FOXI for the 14-140mm lens, producing a cooking program, sports interview and a low light showdown at 18dB of gain.

The Blu Ray contains two discs 1 Blu-Ray and one SD DVD for £40

An SD DVD for £20

These DVDs can be purchased by sending an email to and I will send you a PayPal payment request…remember you don’t have to have a PayPal account just a credit or debit card.

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Last shoot for the AF101 Blu-Ray DVD

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Here I am again this time up in Stirling filming a local football team that is now run by the fans themselves, my son Scott was doing a video blog on the club and I took the opportunity to get some extra footage for my “Heads Up” Blu-Ray DVD.

I have also decided to give you an SD copy in the same double case DVD holder as you would get with a Hollywood blockbuster title, this allows many of you to view the DVD and have the facility to watch the native HD Blu-Ray copy when you get a BR player.

I don’t think football sponsors would care for the shallow depth of field that the AF101 allows but personally I think it adds to the interviews, concentrating the viewing experience firmly on the subject.

I used the Nokton 25mm f0.95 for the first two interviews and the Canon 50mm f1.2 for the stadium interviews, wide shots were using the Lumix 7-14mm f4 lens and the training shots were done with the Lumix 14-140 f4.5-5.8 lens at 15dBs.

Once again I used the Ianiro “Minima” LED camera light to great effect with the mixed lighting you get in a football stadium.

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Sigma to make mFT lenses

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The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the development of new lenses for Micro Four Thirds and E-mount camera system.

As demand for compact system cameras increase, we intend to meet the requirements of users and develop new lenses for these systems, utilizing our advanced interchangeable lens development technology.

Detailed information including specifications, product names, pricing and launch schedules will be announced in due course.

A mockup will be displayed at Sigma’s booth during CP+, a camera and photo imaging show, held in Pacifico Yokohama Japan from February 9th, 2011.

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AF101 excels at 18dB

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This is unreal, during my extra material for my 40min Blu Ray DVD I recorded myself at 18dB, I have never seen a cleaner picture at 18dB in my life it’s jaw dropping. Earlier on this evening I filmed my wife taking the dog round the park in almost darkness and once again the pictures are fantastic considering they were shot at 18dB gain !

Look at the clarity of this bus under natural orange street lighting… I was using a 25mm NOKTON f0.95 and a 50mm Canon f1.2 L glass with a Kipon adapter. I am glad that so many documentary makers are taking this camera onboard as this will become the de-facto for lo-light filming, mark my words.

Here is a shot from BBC Panoramas “Forgotten Heros” shown tonight, the use of Sony’s NightShot looks terrible but if the documentary maker had had an AF101 he could have shot all the evening footage at 18dBs with a 25mm NOKTON f0.95 lens which would have avoided this old-hat low light grotty green NightShot. I do take onboard that this was shot last year and the AF101 has just appeared within the last two weeks.

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Win a copy of Barry Green’s Book (£69)

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I have one extra copy of Barry Greens book retail £69 to give away. You need to answer the following questions plus tell my why you have or intend to purchase an AF101. The AF101 comes with the usual manual plus part two as a PDF on a disc…Barry’s book tells you everything you did not know about the AF101 and a lot more besides, it has been my bible over the last 3 weeks and comes thoroughly recommended as a de-facto purchase when you buy an AF101.

You will get all the answers in my User Review

1. How long does it take to format an SDHC card on the AF101.

2. What is the widest aperture of the Voigtlander NOKTON lens.

3. What is the name of the pull focus device from BeBob.

A name will be drawn next week by Mike Tapa live on camera at BVE so don’t delay. PS. You can email me direct at or leave the answers in the comments box.

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Carl Zeiss to join the Micro Four Thirds System Standard

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Announced jointly by Olympus Imaging Corp. (President : Masaharu Okubo) and Panasonic Corporation in 2008, the Micro Four Thirds System standard has rapidly grown in popularity. Now, support for the standard is expanding with the decision of Carl Zeiss AG to join the Micro Four Thirds System standard, and the company is releasing lenses compliant with the standard.

For more than 160 years, the lenses of Carl Zeiss AG have been defining the state-of-the-art in optical technology. Now, as Carl Zeiss AG joins the Micro Four Thirds System group, ZEISS HD Video lenses will be available to users of Micro Four Thirds cameras, contributing to a vastly expanded product line and enhancing the joys of digital imaging with the Micro Four Thirds System.

As the originator of the Four Thirds System and Micro Four Thirds System standards, Olympus Imaging Corp. will continue to develop and enhance the product lineup for both standards to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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Calibrating your BeBob FOXI at your own risk !

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Firstly can I add that this is not an official tweek from BeBob so this may invalidate your warranty, secondly you do this at your own risk, I have done it without any problems, I can also confirm that after the calibration the Lumix 45mm lens hits infinity as well.

Ok as many of you are now buying the AF101 and accessories one that has caused a few of us some problems is the BeBob FOXI… the pull focus and Iris adjust that sits on your tripod handle.

You need to turn the FOXI upside down on the tripod handle, there you will see 2 small calibration pots, the one on the top is the focus adjust…now to make sure you have the FOXI the right way the cable should be facing you and the focus knob facing to your left.

Using a small jewellers screwdriver turn the pot clockwise watching the picture on the LCD screen till the lens focuses on infinity…yes it’s that simple.

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