I have one extra copy of Barry Greens book retail £69 to give away. You need to answer the following questions plus tell my why you have or intend to purchase an AF101. The AF101 comes with the usual manual plus part two as a PDF on a disc…Barry’s book tells you everything you did not know about the AF101 and a lot more besides, it has been my bible over the last 3 weeks and comes thoroughly recommended as a de-facto purchase when you buy an AF101.

You will get all the answers in my User Review  http://www.hdwarrior.co.uk/video-reviews

1. How long does it take to format an SDHC card on the AF101.

2. What is the widest aperture of the Voigtlander NOKTON lens.

3. What is the name of the pull focus device from BeBob.

A name will be drawn next week by Mike Tapa live on camera at BVE so don’t delay. PS. You can email me direct at hdwarrior@me.com or leave the answers in the comments box.

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