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While I was in Edinburgh today visiting Susan’s mother I decided to do a short interview with Mrs Peace about special moments in her life. My kit consisted of a Panasonic AF101, Manfrotto 504 HD tripod, RODE NTG-1 short shotgun mic, small LED camera light and a Voigtlander 25mm 0.95 mFT lens all contained in a KATA CB200 camera bag (Well recommended).

As you can see the lighting was simple,I decided to use her halogen lights in the kitchen to give a warm feel to the background and used the patio door to light her face with a small lift from the LED camera light. I placed the mic on the table hidden just out of shot, the fridge behind Mrs Peace has a tendency to make a small humming noise which I can take out at post.

This was a good test run for me as most of my work involving this camera will be interviews as you can see using the Voigtlander lens gives you that fantastic shallow depth of field and I am now looking for another fast lens for interviews which will be about 45-60mm.

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  1. As for the 45-60mm, you can use any old dslr lens and an adapter. I hag great success with a 50 mm 1.4 canon fd mount. Full manual lens, great focusing ring, nice bokeh. The nice thig with 50mm, is that a lot of old lenses will have this fov, and you can get them for cheap on ebay.

  2. Oliver Hall says:

    I would be interested to hear what the workflow is like compared to HDV or DSLR filming?

    For some reason I feel like the AF101 will be cumbersome?

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