Updating micro Four Third lens firmware on the AF101 ?

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About a couple of days ago Panasonic announced a new firmware for their 14-140mm micro Four Thirds lens, firmware version 1.4 promises improved autofocus and image stabilization performance in movie mode.

So the dilemma is as follows…Panasonic “Please note that a camera body is required in order to update any Four Thirds lenses (including Micro Four Thirds lenses), while camera body can be updated without lens”.

The body it refers to is the following DSLR’s DMC-G1, G2, GF1, GH1, L1, L10…In order to update the lens firmware you need a Panasonic micro Four Thirds DSLR camera body which may or may not be easy to obtain.

I have a G2 in the office so this update can be done using the G2s body but what happens to the majority of you who do not have a Panasonic DSLR but you have micro Four Third lenses for your AF101.

Thats a question I will be posing to Panasonic this coming week and I hope to give you all an answer soon.

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