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Here is a glimpse of the new 101CREW web site I am designing along with my webmaster Graeme. It is in it’s first draft but I think it looks rather sexy, I hope to cover all aspects of buying into the AF101 from battery power to pull focus to matte boxes. If you have any ideas yourself send me an email and I will be happy to include your input.

I think we have decided on a blog type interface and this may have advertising unlike HD Warrior, the site is being part sponsored by H Preston Media who will stock the majority of accessories mentioned on the web site. I already have a DP from New Zealand who has an AF102 on order, the camera has at least three numbers around the world from 100 (USA) 101 (Europe) and 102 (Australia & New Zealand).

I am looking for more DPs to tell me their stories, footage etc using the AF101, the type of glass used, workflows and what “meccano” you have attached to the body. So if you think you fit the bill give me an email at…hdwarrior@me.com

UPDATE … Sorry my web designer Graeme has been typed of his fingers and just managed to upload a holding page at  www.101crew.co.uk

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  1. Les Johnstone says:

    Great work Phil, its very good of you to set up such a resource.

  2. Alejandro says:

    And whats the URL ?
    Cause 101crew.com seems to be from a DJ¿?!

  3. HD Warrior says:

    Holding page now online…www.101crew.co.uk

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