“30 MINUTE MEALS” filmed with Canon 5D2 and RED ONE cameras

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Fascinating…here we have a company who dare to mix Canon 5D2s with RED ONE’s and get away with it. Interestingly from all accounts the two cameras matched in post production but here is a small extract from the story on HD Magazine Digital Edition No.45…

It just goes to show even Jamie Oliver is a big DSLR fan though I am still not convinced now we have the Panasonic AF101 and the Sony F3 though would the Panasonic or the Sony sit beside the RED ONE… that’s a story yet to be told.

This is a YouTube link to a 3min documentary talking about 30 minute meals with shots of filming… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8dlsC4LIa0

You can catch the full story at   http://www.definitionmagazine.com

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  1. Scott Simmons says:

    No big deal to mix 5D and RED. we’ve been seeing 5Ds as RED bcams for a long time. The right shooter with the right colorist cam get a good mix of the two.

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