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Sometimes I get the odd interesting job and to many football fans this job doesn’t come any better, filming pre match press conferences at Ibrox stadium in Glasgow then after match interviews tonight after watching the match itself (Rangers v Manchester Utd.)

That’s me filming at the Rangers training ground which is about 7 miles from the stadium, I am using my trusty Sony PMW-350 camcorder recording onto SxS cards at 750p 35Mbs. I prefer to film 750p as it gives me good action shots and it great for web content.

Once we got back to the stadium it was filming the opposition and Sir Alex Ferguson, seen here in the file and transfer window of Final Cut Pro 7. I have FCP loaded onto my MacBook Pro for this very occasion where TV companies need footage roughly edited and sent to a FTP somewhere in the world.

I use the SxS card reader rather than the camera, I am not a fan of using cameras for playback or connecting them to computers. The job was done and my final task was to make an .MP4 SD copy to send to a server.

My trusty Elgato Turbo .264 HD was on hand to produce that final down convert from 750p to SD 720 x 576 PAL. My boss was gobsmacked at how little time the Elgato took to convert the footage to SD as he also uses an EX1, needless to say he took note of the .264 converter.

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  1. paul says:

    Hi Philip

    Nice article – how do you down convert HD to Sd with an elgato turbo 264? Can it do HDV to SD?

  2. Scott Cassie says:

    Awesome job, insanely jealous. Come on Rangers, hope it’s a win tonight!

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