“There has never been a better time for shallow depth of field camcorders.”

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OK so this is a photoshop mock up but I warn Sony and Panasonic now…Canon will have no qualms in producing such a camera in the near future as they have already done so in the past with the XF305 !

The market is crying out for a shallow depth of field camcorder with 1080 50p, 4:2:2, 50Mbs, Super 35mm sensor, Canon and PL adaptor, this would rock the market to it’s foundations. The first manufacturer to come up with such a feature rich, spec camcorder at a competitive price will take the market by storm.

Canon have in my opinion sat back and let their photographic brothers take all the credit with various DSLRs but I think the XF305 was a glimpse of Canon’s future thinking. Unlike their competitors Canon have nothing to loose by bringing out a FilmLike camcorder like the XF-S35 all they will do is greatly enhance their profits and once again bring out a camcorder fit for BBC approval.

So far Sony and Panasonic want us to “buy into the future” in other words buy the lesser spec today and upgrade in the future, this madness has been going on for years and it will take an outsider once again to bring all the manufacturers to their senses.

RED Digital cinema are the only company who are ahead of the game with the RED ONE and the “buy and bolt” attitude, buy a simple working modular system then add a higher rez viewfinder, flash drive etc. when you can afford them. That philosophy makes a lot of sense, get the camera sold then earn out of the bolt on accessories.

We now have a market with the imminent Panasonic AF101 coming out during December at around the £4000 mark and I have to say with a lot of interested parties waiting to buy one…the Sony F3, launched only two weeks ago arriving during January 2011 at around the £12,000 body only and during the summer we should see the Sony NXCAM FilmLike camcorder for around the £5000 mark.

There has never been a better time for shallow depth of field camcorders the market is becoming awash with them. I still think Canon or JVC will pounce into the limelight with a killer camera…remember it only takes one to upset the apple cart and my money is on Canon.

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  1. inhousefilms says:

    Great post, nearly spilt my tea when I saw your mock-up! I’ve got to agree that I’m particularly excited to see what Canon do next. The XF305 images look stunning from what I’ve seen, but the “S-35” would be really interesting. Like you say, it only takes one camera to rock the apple cart, and Canon have a bit of previous for that!


  2. Tzedekh says:

    No good unless 1080p24/25/30/50/60, 4:2:2, 50Mbs, and 10-bit. Also 3G-SDI for 12-bit 4:4:4. And a 16-bit version of the 12MP CMV12000 (http://image-sensors-world.blogspot.com/2010/11/cmosis-and-towerjazz-announce.html). And please, keep it well under $6K. If anyone feels the need to protest that I’m being unrealistic, I’d reply that we should demand more and stop accepting “business as usual.”

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