New Firmware for Sony NEX-VG10 (PC & MAC)

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A new firmware is now available for the NEX-VG10 for both PC and MAC. I have already tried it out on my review VG10 and it updates to V0.2 firmware. You must have the camcorder connected to the mains or it wont proceed. You connect your PC or MAC to the camcorder via the USB cable provided and follow the on screen instructions.

Click here for the SONY link…

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  1. carl weston says:

    24p would have been nice.

  2. Rory Cooper says:

    I installed the firmware 2 update on the cam and the LAEA1 update for the alpha adapter but the auto focus is not working
    The guys at Sony Centre had no luck either. Anyway I prefer to film with the manual lenses anyway but it would be nice to use autofocus on a 500 lens
    Has anyone got the update to work?

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