Philip Bloom and Barry Green testing Panasonics new AG-AF100 in Japan

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Philip Bloom is writing the first user review of the Panasonic AG-AF101 as I write as he has just spent the last few days over in sunny Japan testing a near production camera. He has just produced a film using the AF100 (AF101 Europe) and you can see it below.

I have not had a chance to speak with Philip about his trip and his findings but I must say the footage Philip took with the AF100 is more than promising. Although Sony has just announced the F3 FilmLike camcorder at three times the price of the Panasonic I still maintain the AF101 will far outsell the Sony as long as we can get stock.

At £4000 it’s a great price and you get a lot of technology for your money and I just learned today that we can buy MTF Adaptors off the shelf for the AF101…MTF has the PL to Micro 4/3 Adaptor at £320 or the NIKON G to Micro 4/3 Adaptor at £230.

Our old pal Barry Green was also invited to Japan to give his valued opinion on the Panasonic AF100, but I am not so sure about the green liquid, looks like a mouthwash to me.

Hirano San: Shot on Panasonic AF101 from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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