23,656 views is a massive following for the Sony NEX-VG10

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One of the more respected forums in the USA, DV Info has clocked up over 23 thousand views on a thread all about the new Sony NEX-VG10. When you consider the Canon 5D2 thread which has been around for well over a year has a thread that’s only clocked up 21,689 views, I rest my case.

Once again HD Warrior has predicted a trend away from the HDSLR and can I just warn you now all video retailers will be on short supply this side of Christmas so head my warning pre order your camera this week to get a sniff of one of these camcorders in September or you might be into 2011 before fresh supplies are available.

This wee camcorder is going to be the most sought after piece of video kit this year and will outstrip demand for months to come.

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  1. 60i? No 24p or 25p? Film-Makers need these progressive frame rates or you have to get involved in time-heavy post work…which none of us want. Sony!!! Sort it out! Apparently you can ‘fake’ 30 frames progressive on it… sounds iffy to me. Probably like ‘frame mode’ on the old XL1. Dreary.

  2. pol says:

    Since this camera has the same sensor than the NEX-5, I just started making video tests with the NEX-5.
    Here are some results with the nikon adapter:

  3. Pedro Rocha says:

    I had my hands on working prototype for two days and I can tell you it records 25p and 30p (depends on region) in a AVCHD interlaced stream for compatibility. Tested in Sony Vegas Pro 9.

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