A note of warning “Sony NEX-VG10…No zoom control”

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Just a word of warning the new Sony NEX-VG10 does not have a zoom control so if you are used to having this feature you will have a sharp learning curve to cope with a manual lens. Most films especially the ones produced for television do not use zoom lenses instead they rely on prime lenses.

When I started out over 25 years ago we had a zoom control on our JVC camera but our boss Chris insisted that we learn to choose shots using the manual zoom rather than rely on the zoom. This was a good way to learn because you were by-passing the zoom and learning to frame shots.

This is a technique you will have to learn with the new VG10…to frame shots as there is no zoom control on the camcorder. The HDSLR boys have been using this technique for a while now and seasoned DPs use this technique all the time.

A zoom control can be very slow compared to a manual flip of the zoom arm. The reason for this is to point it out before you commit to buy one then discover the manual lens which you may not like.

Personally I think this will do nothing but enhance the use of this camcorder and to have to think about your shots in advance and framing is no bad thing.

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  1. Rich says:

    I’m not digging the virtue of losing a useful visual tool. Outside of Hollywood, a well done zoom can be an asset..not just a crutch to avoid proper framing. I would like to at least see an add on by the Zacutos or someone to allow this on manual lenses if not built in.

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