The Review of the Sony HXR-MC50 “Stunning pictures”

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[xr_video id=”cb5ca3edca854de580b59f020996d7c7″ size=”md”]

You can view an HD version by clicking on the Exposure Room link above.

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  1. Love the review. Can’t wait until H Prestons deliver mine this week.

  2. William Tuke says:

    Many thanks Philip for your review of this camcorder. You may also be interested in this review:

    I was concerned about the audio quality (no XLRs as originally shown) because I wanted to use this camera for web interviews. Perhaps you might have a few ideas about whether it is worthwhile rigging up an ext. mic e.g. Sennheiser radio mic. for this purpose, or could you get away with the onboard mic?

  3. thpriest says:

    thanks for the review. it was pretty interesting, especially seeing the low light ability in the ceilidh. i’m looking for a small camera to complement my canon 7D for various types of events. having it locked off somewhere. sounds like this camera could do a job. i have a couple of technical questions. what does the camera actually film in? 1920×1080 50p? i mean is it progressive o interlaced? and how well does it work with Final Cut? i have 6.06. would that mean using mpegstreamclip to convert to prores? thanks

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