iOS4 is now available but “beware do not update if your APP is not iOS4 tested”

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As usual I am the crash test dummy for new software and low and behold the first thing I discover is that iOS4 has broken ProPrompter…my most useful professional APP that syncs from the iPhone to the iPad. As soon as I discovered this I emailed Peter and his team at Bodelin Technologies.

ProPrompter is the best piece of prompting software on the iPhone and it’s a shame the new iOS4 has broken it…when you launch both Prompter softwares on the iPad and the iPhone and try to sync them the iPhone version crashes out. This will be fixed and I hope very soon the plus to all this is that the iPad and iPhone seem to find each other a lot quicker with the new iOS4 installed.

Advice if you are using ProPrompter with the iPhone and iPad do not update your iPhone to iOS4 till a fix is released.

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  1. Mark says:

    Any word on a fix yet? Should i wait for OS4 on the ipad as well – ps, great site

  2. HD Warrior says:

    I have sent a few emails to Peter White but I think he must be on holiday, they will be fixing this ASAP.
    OS4 on the iPad will bring further headaches to all the APPs my advice is leave it a month and check if your most needed APPs are OS4 updated before jumping. Thanks.

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