iPad with ProPrompter “Another good reason to invest in an iPad”

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If you needed a reason to purchase an iPad then let me assist you…long before the iPad was delivered I saw the potential via ProPrompters web site in having the iPad as a teleprompter. It makes the whole process wire free as you control the iPad from an iTouch or an iPhone.

Fantastic is all I can say…once you have established a Bluetooth connection between the iPad and the iTouch you are off and running. The speed is controlled with swiping your finger down or up the screen…simple. You can edit your scripts, add cue points, what more can I say.

The only down point to this set-up is the Bluetooth connection does not always connect but I am sure this will be addressed by ProPrompter in a further update to this 4.5 star Apple APP.

IMPORTANT NOTE : As of this article ProPrompter HDi does not fit onto an ENG camera as shown…I have made my own bracket allowing the use of ProPrompter HDi and the iPad…The iPad is heavier than you realise so as yet ProPrompter do not recommend this type of fixing, thay are working on their own solution and you can be assured we will have one when it arrives and will update these pictures.

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