Sony unveil an APS HD Camcorder due out 2011

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Before you are all going crazy in this one, I have to stress that Sony did not gave ANY information at all on this “black” Camcorder… However during the Alpha NEX series presentation Sony show a slide giving us the very basic on their future Killer Camcorder.
Schedule to be launch later next year, this full HD AVCHD based camcorder will feature an Exmor APS HD CMOS and interchangeable lenses compatible with Sony line-up (with or without the need of an adapter)… So who knows, maybe we will have the chance to learn more about this baby at next CEATEC or CES.

Looks like Sony have woken up to the HDSLR threat with this further film like SDoF camcorder due  out early 2011. It looks a bit top heavy for me but it’s a further nail in the coffin for the HDSLR that’s for sure !

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