DOLBY 42″ Reference Monitor “Accuracy of a CRT in a flat panel display” Possibly $34-50K !

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Dolby Laboratories has introduced the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200. The new 42in monitor delivers the accuracy of previous CRT monitors with the versatility of flat-panel displays.

The LCD-based video reference display accurately reveals true and deep black levels with higher contrast across the entire color spectrum. It is designed to provide an unprecedented luminance range and level. It uses a backlight comprised of red, green, and blue LEDs that are modulated individually on a frame-by-frame basis. The LCD panel is also modulated in real time as part of the dual-modulation process.

Other key features of the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200 include extended dynamic range, DCI/P3 (digital cinema) color gamut support and color accuracy across all luminance levels. It also emulates any other display device so that all content preparation and quality evaluation can be done on one monitor.

HDW : This is the dogs bollox in flat panel displays …well almost flat…the BBC should invest in some of these baby’s as they still don’t have any decent reference displays they are happy with. Strange that a company known world wide for sound seems to be the first with the holy grail of flat panels…one that can emulate the look of a CRT !

Q. Where are Sony, Panasonic and JVC why can they not produce such a monitor !!!

UPDATE : The price is ridiculous who in their right mind is going to pay $34,000 or more for a monitor knowing fine well a cheaper one will appear 6 month later for a third of the price…it may be good but it’s not that good !

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  1. Rick A says:

    It would be nice to think that someone could come along with a similar mntr at 1/3 the price, but the Brightside technology & gamut control don’t make that a realistic expectation for the foreseeable future. That said, it is $50k not the bargain $34k you cite above.

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