Sony PMW-350K user tips “MANUAL MACRO using AUTOFOCUS” ?

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You may be in the position now and again when you need full manual MACRO focus using the Sony PMW-350K lens. As we don’t get a ‘proper’ manual macro with this lens you have to frig it to make it happen. The one thing I was not prepared for was having to set the lens to auto focus…this goes against the grain and my logic…but in order to have a “Manual Macro” you have to take the lens off manual mode !

Once you know how to achieve manual macro it can be very useful…firstly you switch the MACRO switch to the ON position, leaving the FOCUS switch on the manual position, then you have to go against all logic and move the lens flange at the front of the lens forward to engage auto focus. This now allows you to focus your lens through into macro and it is still in manual mode…you can zoom about half way if you need to but there becomes a point where it throws itself out of focus.

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