Sony PMW-320K 1/2″ Shoulder mount camcorder $14,800 (August)

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The main difference between the 350 and the 320 are as follows…

PMW-350 = 2/3″ chipset 59dB S/N

PMW -320 = 1/2″ chipset 54dB S/N

Now thats got to give Panasonic a kick in the pants not only do Sony bring out the 2/3″ 350 but they also bring out the 320 1/2″ shoulder mount as well…not a sign of 1/3″ chips in sight !

Sadly it does not come close to EX-3 prices but if you really need that full shoulder mount kudos then two thousand pounds is a lot closer than finding £6K for the 350 and by all accounts its still a lot quieter than the EX-3.

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  1. Martti Ekstrand says:

    Well… Panasonic just announced the 4/3″ sensor AG-AF100 at NAB with a $6000 price point so I ‘spose they are not to worried about 2/3″ competition at $15000.

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