EXCLUSIVE to HD Warrior “FilmBuilders” from Steve Weiss and Philip Bloom

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Philip Bloom is fed up with people moaning on about the downsides of using a DSLR so he has got together with Steve Weiss and some other serious technicians to produce a ten part webisode about making the ultimate DSLR, it’s called FIlmBuilders, riding on the back of their very successful FilmFellas title.

Steve Weiss is a very astute businessman and  technical wizard, says ” We have been making high class accessories for camcorders and DSLRs for a few years now and the four of us sat down two weeks ago while Phil was over in the states and decided to build our own DSLR and have it filmed for you all to watch and learn from our mistakes”.

Philip Bloom “This is as exiting as it gets…building our own DSLR and having a say in the design from day one to final production. I have been amazed at the uptake of the DSLR movement and hope this new venture will steer others towards the ultimate DSLR”.

Steve Weiss “Technical details are sketchy but we are looking at a full size 35mm sensor, a PL mount for prime lenses, 1200 pixel HD swivel viewfinder and four mini XLR inputs”

HDW “Do you have a name for the camera yet…Philip Bloom “It’s called the A.PRELL-FOOLS.CAM”

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