iPad available in the US on 3rd April…UK left out in the cold !

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If you live in the US then all is fine…you are getting your iPad on the 3rd of April at the “unbelievable price” of $499.

If you live in the UK…we don’t have pricing let alone a delivery date.

This is appalling Apple have left the UK out to dry…it’s as if we don’t exist and you can bet we don’t get the iPad at the unbelievable price of £330

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  1. Tony says:

    Oh a big iPhone, locked to 720p and nothing to use it like a video monitor !

    Damned !

  2. Anton middleton says:

    If you read the press release, you’ll see UK, japan, Germany and others will have a release date of the end of April.
    As for price, us prices allows exclude sales tax as this varies state to state. So it will be more than £330 in the uk. At least 17.5% more.

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