Canon 5DMk11 firmware UPDATE

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What’s “possibly” coming in the new firmware update during “March 2010”.


1920 x 1080  25fps

1920 x 1080  24fps


1920 x 1080  30fps

1920 x 1080  24fps

640 x 480  30fps

PLUS… Manual sound recording level function (64 levels) with audio meter…Histogram display for shooting movies in manual exposure…Shutter priority (Tv) and Aperture priority modes…Audio sampling changed from 44.1 KHz to 48 KHz.

Please be aware this photograph was shot in Poland and came from the Canon Rumours web site so if I were you I would take this info with a pinch of salt.  Also note the camera beside this info slide does not appear to be a 5D Mk11 … so what you may ask … if Canon go to all the trouble to present a slide about the 5D2 firmware update they would not be stupid enough to add any old Canon DSLR picture beside it … that’s just my opinion.

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