AutoCue iPhone teleprompter £599

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A complete hardware package enabling you to turn an iPhone into a teleprompter (phone not included).

iPhone slots into a custom-made mounting plate to hold it securely in position beneath the broadcast quality prompter glass. This mount can be fitted in landscape or portrait mode.

The custom-made iPhone prompting plate can also be mounted in a straight-read configuration beneath the camera. When teamed with the optional pistol grip this is an ultra-lightweight, portable solution.

The remainder of the teleprompter hardware is the same as the SSP7 & QStart prompting package.

Designed to be used with the teleprompting software available for download from the iPhone App Store. Please note that this software is not designed or licensed by Autocue or QTV.

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  1. Georg Melies says:

    So with a netbook and Adobe Visual Communicator 3, you have a complete teleprompter for the same price with a more comfortable screen…

    And if you ad an USB box video converter with analog in, th netbook can help for some video monitoring with tools like Canon 7D and Co….

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