The “Dark Side” Beckons but why so expensive in the UK…by Alister Chapman

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Well I have been sitting on the side lines watching the vDSLR develop and evolve. They certainly have a place, but are not without issues such as form factor, moire, overheating to name a few. The fact remains though, that for not a lot of dosh you can get a camera that will give a shallow DoF, can be used where you perhaps shouldn’t be using a video camera and with care can produce beautiful video. I was all ready to buy a Canon 7D when along comes the 550D (rebel T2i). Half  the price yet with all the video modes and frame rates you could ever want. So I looked around for a body only (I have a bunch of EFS lenses) and found that have it on pre-order for $799…. Bargain! So checked on and… hang on… is that right???? Its £899! If thats the case I’m going to wait till I go to NAB in April and pick one up then.

HDW : Alister remember it’s RIP OFF BRITAIN we are living in, lets wait till we see the price of the Apple iPad, it’s no secret other than to Apple themselves that we will NOT get £ for $ in other words an iPad in the USA starts at $499 which should be £ 318 in the UK but I bet we will see the starting price of the iPad at £499 !

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