Product shots with the Canon 5DMk11

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Working on one of my video overviews recently I discovered the sexiness of the shallow depth of field (SDoF) while filming product shots of a Sony EX-1R.  It all happened by chance…I needed close shots of the new button layout so I forked out and bought a Canon 50mm f2.5 macro lens, just the job.

As I looked through the lens of my Canon 5D2 I saw these wonderful shots appearing…the 50mm macro lens was producing some fantastic shallow depth of field shots…totally obliterating the background !

It didn’t take long for me to start playing with the video HD mode and you can see the wonderful results with a very out of focus gold reflector as a backdrop.

So why did I not film all the video overview with the Canon…good question…it became clear to me early doors that filming at 30 fps was going to be challenging to say the least, I spent a lot of time footering about with various bits of software and droplets but it was becoming time consuming and the very next day the Sony PMW-350K arrived putting the 5D2 problems on the back burner.

I decided to film the PMW-350K with my Sony EX-3 as I am a big fan of 720 50p…after that the rest is history but I do have some sexy shots of the EX1R thanks to the Canon 5D2 and I have lumped all of them together to let you “judge” for yourselves…[xr_video id=”3405ab1d639747b7bce9d14d4047e304″ size=”md”]

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