First independent overview of the Sony PMW-350K…Monday 18th Jan 2010

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This has been a busy week but to my surprise I received a Sony PMW-350K on Thursday morning from H Preston Media to do an overview for them. I have postponed the Sony EX-1R till the following week to give the 350 priority.

What a camcorder, wait till you see it perform against the EX-3…and I have conclusive evidence wether it supports the MxM SDHC adaptor or not you will have to wait till Monday evening.

Appart from our good friend Alister Chapman this will be the first independent video overview of the new Sony PMW-350K…HD Warrior first as usual.

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  1. Bob Hawtin says:

    Hi Phillip, I’m waiting with great anticipation. At about twice the price it should be about twice as good!

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