Shot on a RED ONE by Greg Williams

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Megan Fox by Greg Williams for Esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

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  1. What’s the point of this? Some fantasy of yours? Stay on topic please.

  2. Steven says:

    It´s not WHAT you see – it´s about the quality of the image. Looks good to me.


  3. Jim Matthews says:

    i wouldnt mind pointing my big red one at Megan Fox. Looks great

  4. Jeram says:

    Come on this over a year and a half old. Breaking news?

  5. HD Warrior says:

    This was only posted less than 18 days ago by Gregg…how was I to know it was older than my EX-3…anyway it’s not the age that counts it’s the subject…shot on a RED ONE which is very topical at the moment.

  6. HD Warrior says:

    How am I going to take RED ONE seriously after such a remark !

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