SONY EX-1R Video Overview recorded on Canon 5D2

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I have found the very use for my Canon 5D2… filming product shots for my Video Overviews. I needed to shoot some product shots for my blog but did not have a true macro lens. While I was through in Edinburgh I popped into Jacobs photographic in Haymarket to discover they had a wonderful range of Canon lenses.

I already had my eye on the 50mm f2.5 compact macro lens which is one of Canons older specialised prime lenses. The picture quality is stunning. Arriving back at base I suddenly had a great idea, with such a Shallow Depth of Field (SDoF) this would be perfect for filming product shots of the new Sony EX-1R I had on loan from Preston Media.

I hope to get all the filming finished tomorrow but from what I have seen so far the product shots are stunning and all thanks to the Canon 5D2 so maybe that will kill off any ideas that I am anti-VSLR…I only needed the right vehicle to make it happen. I will post the Video Overview sometime this week.

This might just be the first HD video product overview ever to be shot on a VSLR !

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