Best HD Camcorder of 2009…”JVC GY HM700″

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HD-Camcorder-webOf all the camcorders I reviewed this year this one sticks in my mind as being the overall best looking, great shape, practical camcorder I reviewed. I was very impressed with the picture quality in normal lighting conditions, loved the use of SDHC cards, the most affordable media available to date and the SxS clip on recorder.

JVC decided to use 1/3″ CCDs in this camcorder instead of CMOS and apart from low light shooting the CCD gives a great account of itself. The huge flip out LCD is not only sharp but very usable and as usual we get two headphone sockets…fantastic.

hm700a The use of the three colours to indicate what mode you are in is the best I have seen to date, this is a truly groundbreaking camcorder from many angles and JVC should be proud to be given the title of “Best HD Camcorder of 2009”

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  1. Lou says:

    I completely agree. We looked at MANY new cameras for our business, but we kept coming back to the JVC. We liked it SO much, we bought two of them!

  2. Bestbuyca says:

    Approximately how many minutes does a 4gb sd card record using a hd digital camcorder?

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