Glasgow Sony Seminar with Alister Chapman

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Today I went up town to Glasgow city centre to meet some good friends of mine Alister, Colin and Phil who were holding a Sony seminar at the Malmaison for a unique hands on event.

Alister was his usual informative self, what he doesn’t know about Sony kit is unreal, he is very technically astute, people were firing questions at him and not missing a beat Alister had a reply for all of us.

The best part of the day for me was picture profiles for both the Sony EX-1 and EX-3. Most of us including myself do not dare enter the hidden secrets of the Matrix. Just when you think you know a camera and how to get the best out of it along comes someone who not only uses the camera but has an inner knowledge to adjust the settings making the camera less noisy.

I would love to share the profiles with you but I forgot to ask Alisters permission plus he still has two Sony shows to cover so I don’t think he would be to enamoured if I gave away his Piesse de Resistance.

Sadly I had to leave at lunchtime but can I thank Colin from Mitcorp, Scotland for the invite and Alister and Phil for their time, expertise and in depth knowledge…a seminar well worth attending.


One bit of inner knowledge I received from Alister about the new Sony PMW-350 shoulder mount camcorder is that it is far less noisy than the EX-3 and is two stops better in low light than the EX-3…this makes this camcorder quite remarkable indeed.


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