HD Warrior 2009 Awards Competition

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  1. ArranEye says:

    OK, I’ll start this off. I choose to interpret ‘best’ as ‘most suitable for my purposes’, because most of my work these days is voluntary, so value for money is very important.

    On this basis I reckon Sony’s new EX1R is the best camcorder of 2009. Although I own an original EX1, the latest improvements make their great camera truly terrific.

    For archiving, I rate Western Digital’s high capacity ’My Studio’ hard disks as the best. It’s tempting fate, but so far I’ve not suffered any problems with any of mine, in spite of hammering them very hard.

  2. HD Warrior says:

    So far we have…

    Sony EX-1R

    WD My Studio for Archive

    Thanks for voting

  3. Kurt says:

    Canon 7D
    new iMac
    archive on SD cards

  4. Canon 5DmkII

    Storage – Drobo

    Best gadget – Zacuto Z Finder

  5. HD Warrior says:

    Sorry Peter but Canon 5Dmk11 comes under September 2008.

  6. Didn’t say anywhere that it had to be released this year 🙂

  7. HD Warrior says:

    Peter you are 100% correct plus no one took it seriously till 2009.

  8. Not trying to stir things up, but Wired made the 5D camera of the year in their November issue (USA version of course!)

  9. HD Warrior says:

    All HD SLRs are in the melting pot till December…and Peter, you will be glad to hear the 5Dmk11 as well.

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