HD DSLR “The Future”


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      I think one thing you missed although maybe it comes under the size heading and that’s peoples reactions to the camera.

      I didn’t even realise this until Colin, the guy who shot the snooker footage mentioned that people didn’t immediately change the way they were behaving. Normally when he gets the large DigiBeta out, people freeze, complain or just get out of the way. That didn’t happen with the 5D, you could also get a lot closer to people too. Shooting on a DSLR seems to be a lot friendlier if that makes sense.


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      I noticed this recently at a family function, I was taking pictures and trying out the video function and as your cameraman has pointed out it’s less intimidating. I think that’s because they perceive you are using a stills camera and are not expecting you to be filming with it.

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