World Exclusive…Sony PMW-350K XDCAM 2/3″ Shoulder mount SxS camcorder £13K

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Sony-PMW-350K-v5You heard it here 1st …Last April I predicted an EX-7 and good old Sony have been listening to me and are about to announce the PMW-350K/L and the amazing news is the fact that it is a 2/3″ chipset with two SxS card slots.

We have also been told that we are getting a 32GIG SxS card for £200 this is similar to the P2E card…ice cream without the strawberries.

Sony know this is going to affect sales of the PDW-700 but it’s also going to affect sales from Panasonic, Ikegami, JVC and to a lesser extent Canon, but they also know how many of us have embraced the EX format and by bringing out a 2/3″ camcorder will enhance the EX range from event producers right up to broadcast. I have no idea wether we are going to see 50mbs but you can be assured this will be the camcorder of 2009.

Sorry I got my fractions wrong it should read 2/3″


More news as we get it…

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  1. Scott says:

    Well done with your world exclusive. I bet Sony will be scratching their heads as to how you got it.

    Well done again.


  2. Bob Hawtin says:

    This is almost as good as the 2009 F1 GP at Interlagos yesterday! Can’t imagine Sony were posting about a DSLR on an XDCAM microsite …. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s update.

  3. HD Warrior says:

    I am just glad to be announcing a video camera for a change the DSLRs are very good for what they are but I am a video man at heart and it looks like Sony are bringing Christmas forward by 10 weeks !

  4. Tony Costa says:

    So, how much is this going to cost? And is the 32m/s really high def. or just glorified HDV. The solid state medium is nice but It’s not HiDef.

  5. HD Warrior says:

    Depends who you buy it from…£14,375incl vat is the expected price, 35m/s is as good as I need, glorified HDV it certainly is not.
    You can hook various HD-SDI recorders on the back of the 350 and you can record 50-100m/s.

  6. Video Man says:

    Great camera, only shame is you can’t record to DVCAM as an option if you run out of memory cards.

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