What has happened to the Camcorder magazine ?

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Remember the day’s not so long ago when you could wonder into WH Smith’s and get What Video, Camcorder User, What Digital Camcorder, What Camcorder, Camcorder Buyer HD Ready and so on, I looked on WH Smith’s shelves for over 10 minutes today to discover ONE camcorder magazine…loads about digital SLRs !

12111603The only magazine left seems to be What Video & Hi Def which is a shame, the one thing about a train or car journey was buying all the video magazines and looking forward to reading them on the journey.

Is it a sign of the recession…who knows or maybe blogs like this one have played a part in the death nell of the written word, I hope not, but whatever the reason we will be less richer without these magazines, that’s for sure.

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  1. albo says:

    Ho humm,.. I for one am at a loss to know why the publishers didn’t continue with camcorder magazines, at least they could have been slotted into other, more popular mags. Do people not realize that the likes of I phones and basic cameras do not come close to a true camcorder for enjoying the playback. Is that not why we make a video, even a short one. You can buy a half respectable camcorder for £99 , and even that will blow an iPhone away. Sad days…

  2. Tom Tuohy says:

    I used to buy ‘What Video?’, ‘What Camcorder?’ and ‘Camcorder User’ to guide me in buying video cameras or camcorders in the past. Now I am thinking of getting a new one and when i googled ‘Camcorder User’ I got this website which suggests it doesn’t exist any more. Is that the sad reality? If so any suggestions where I should look?

  3. mark mason says:

    A word on this matter,i firstly agree with you all that this is a sad reality no longer being able to just walk into whsmith, and pick up a camcorder user mag.the last one i purchased was from the wellingborough store in 2009,when i was reveling in buying a jvc hd7,i had been purchasing them on and off since 1992,…but..times have changed with things like computers linked to the internet,however i must admit i do like the way the modern day qualities have given us all such a good standard,that’s certainly worth noting.

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