AJA io HD “Week 10 still no FCP-3/Snow Leopard drivers”

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Nick Rashby, president of AJA has the power to kick ass within AJA in order that video professionals all over the globe could finally receive the new firmware for the £2500 AJA io HD. It has been 10 weeks since Final Cut Studio 3 was introduced, this is a lot of lost time “NOT USING FCP-7, Motion-4 the list goes on.

What on earth is taking so long to update, after a recent phone call to AJA I was told there were 2 issues left to resolve with Apple and this was 2 weeks ago ! Yes I do realise AJA have a policy of not putting drivers out till they are thoroughly tested but 10 weeks is a bit much…!

I personally have one major job on hold as I need the facilities of Motion-4 to take it forward…At least when Panasonic had a problem with the 301 they were man enough not only to admit to it but appeared regularly on this blog with updated news and a solution…no such luck with AJA.

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  1. ant b says:

    come on aja !!! next time i am going to buy Blackmagic!!!

  2. I want to thank you for the news that you publish on it. We are a small company in spain. We need to work every day, but by de moment with aja IO it is not possible, But I need to attend to the clients.
    The next time i will by Back magic, I´m sure.

  3. Tom Daigon says:

    AJA is renowned for their innovative products and spectacular
    customer service. If there is a problem with Snow Leopard you can be sure its an Apple screw up and AJA is busting butt to fix it. Rome wasnt built in a day 😉

  4. HD Warrior says:

    It’s a disgrace I don’t care how much spin you put on AJA as a company…10 weeks for these drivers is an impossible timeframe for professional companies to be expected to wait. The HD io EXPRESS was given priority…a machine 1.5x cheaper and they still don’t have the guts to put “FCP-7 & SL Compatible” on their web site in case it annoys those who have spent £2500 to be put to the back of the cue !

  5. Tom Daigon says:

    If you are not happy with AJAs support, you would really HATE Blackmagics.

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