Hitchcock “Mobile Storyboard Composer” £11.99

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This is a cracking APP for the iPhone in fact you will never use any other storyboard program again after you use this iPhone version. It is called Hitchcock after the great man of film himself, the best part about this APP is the sheer flexibility and simple to use interface.

Lets start with the first page this is the miniature 16:9 storyboard…as you can see you can use the iPhone camera to populate the board or insert pictures stored in your photo library.

Hitchcock 2

It gets a whole lot better look at the bottom left hand corner of the screen it’s called “Watch” by pressing this you are given a timed slide show of all your pictures…superb. Notice I said “timed” not only does it give you a running time but you can set the duration for each screen.

Hitchcock 4

You also get dolly tracks that allow you to dolly into and out of the shot as shown above, you can also crab along the picture and you can even add people male and female. Better again is the ability to save your storyboard and send yourself, client, PA a PDF of your storyboard. You can add audio comments to each screen and notes.

Imagine flying around the world checking out locations for a new film and being able to “LIVE STORYBOARD” as you go along. Can I just add here “I GET NO PAYMENT” for informing you of this amazing APP and I payed my £11.99 like everyone else.

I have only scratched the surface of this brilliant iPhone APP…Hitchcock is what the iPhone was made for it’s a fantastic APP and only costs £11.99 a snip in my opinion.

Available from Apple APP store (iTunes).

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