A Trade show with a Bang

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Turkish wepons

Both pictures © David Bebber/The Times

When I think of how much care is taken these days on airlines, especially security and this man gets on a plane from Turkey with a trunk full of machine guns !!! Sorry I know this has nothing to do with video but how on earth did this man get through customs with all these weapon’s…

Q. Anything to declare, sir ?

A. One red suite case and a trunk full of machine guns !!!

These pictures were taken at the Defence show in the ExCel centre in East London with more than 40 countries represented…that’s 40 airlines accepting shells, guns, and various weapons how is this possible ? My favourite picture is the one below of the man in a suit holding some hi tec machine gun, wouldn’t  like to upset this man on Monday morning or just maybe he has a pigeon problem to deal with at work !  The other man on the right seems to have a bad communication problem with the Starship Enterprise !


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