What has happened to the Camcorder magazine ?

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Remember the day’s not so long ago when you could wonder into WH Smith’s and get What Video, Camcorder User, What Digital Camcorder, What Camcorder, Camcorder Buyer HD Ready and so on, I looked on WH Smith’s shelves for over 10 minutes today to discover ONE camcorder magazine…loads about digital SLRs !

12111603The only magazine left seems to be What Video & Hi Def which is a shame, the one thing about a train or car journey was buying all the video magazines and looking forward to reading them on the journey.

Is it a sign of the recession…who knows or maybe blogs like this one have played a part in the death nell of the written word, I hope not, but whatever the reason we will be less richer without these magazines, that’s for sure.

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Canon and Adobe are teaming up with a secure PDF

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Simsons-V2This is all I can find!
Apparently Adobe and Canon are teaming up for some kind of secure PDF thingy for copiers. Sweet…. I guess, maybe?

I think this is a Japanese translation.

Press Release
Canon Inc. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, Canon or less) and Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: San Jose, Calif., Adobe Systems below) is aiming to achieve a high level of security of electronic documents in an office environment, Document agreed to continue to collaborate in the global sales activities in the field.

Canon and Adobe Systems Inc., since 2005, for the purpose of realization of an efficient document workflow, and enhance collaboration of both products has been promoting high-quality solutions.

This collaborative effort, electronic document security system for Adobe “Adobe ® LiveCycle ™ Rights Management ES (following” LCRM “)” and Canon copiers “imageRUNNER ADVANCE (Advance runner image under” iR-ADV ” ) “※ series about sales activity in the whole world together, that we are providing strong security for electronic documents in an office environment.

This document was generated from the computer, ranging from electronic documents from paper, as well as to comprehensively reduce the risk of confidential information is improperly handled, can improve business productivity be.

Under the collaboration, Canon and Adobe, government agencies and local governments, and existing large companies spread around “LCRM” the user “iR-ADV” to introduce a series, users of Canon copiers for the “LCRM” and recommended the introduction of each, “iR-ADV” series and “LCRM” Document will strengthen the provision of a combination.

However, in Japan “LCRM” introduction and system development and related products to customers will be responsible Adobisoryushonpatona Kiyanonsofutouea Corporation.

Canon and Adobe use and promotion of enhanced security and information will continue to provide high-value, collaborative environment to maximize efficiency in operations related to document the evolution of business and customer development, growth We intend to contribute to.


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AJA reply to my email…still no joy !

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“It would be easy if delivery of new drivers was merely a PR job–but sadly it’s not. It involves extensive engineering, testing, Q&A to make sure that any new technology that comes to market from AJA is completely reliable.  As the third party PR firm that handles press communication for AJA–we will be sure to put out an announcement as soon as the new drivers become available.”   Karen Raz AJA PR Dept.

UPDATE  “Were it entirely up to us we would have had drivers for the IoHD at the same time as they became available for the cards which was the same day Apple released its new software.  However, given the fact the IoHD is in and of itself a unique device and operates with the computer in a way entirely different from the KONA cards, the building of the drivers is quite different and requires more engineering time.

Please keep an eye on our website for the posting of the drivers.  They should be posted shortly.  For your future reference and just to be sure we always recommend you not update the OS or FCP until such time as the drivers are posted on our website.  This is true for both the IoHD and the cards.”

Brian Rutz AJA Video Systems

Well at least Karen and Brian were good enough to reply…so thinking about this at length…With my limited knowledge of electronics I think this unit was built with PRO REZ 4:2:2 in mind then good old Apple introduced PRO REZ 4:4:4, I think AJA are having a hell of a job frigging 4:2:2 up to 4:4:4  via firmware.

I have a solution, meantime give us all the EXPRESS unit on loan…then re-design this box with more HDMI I/O sockets with 3 switches on the front (HDMI-1, 2 & 3), add a PCIe connection (Not FW800) giving us a 75% discount on V2 by sending back V1… JOB DONE !

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Movie*Slate from Apple APP store £5.99

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Movie★Slate is a digital slate, clapper board, shot log, and shot notepad— designed for use with film, television, documentaries, interviews, and home movies. Movie★Slate provides an easy way to log footage and take notes as you shoot— saving you time later when you capture and edit the footage on your computer.

Switch to Portrait orientation Currently in Landscape orientation
Loading Production data from saved History
Loading Production data from saved History
This is not the Current Item.This is not the Current Item.This is not the Current Item.This is not the Current Item.This is not the Current Item.This is not the Current Item.This is not the Current Item.This is the Current Item.This is not the Current Item.This is not the Current Item.This is not the Current Item.
Previous Slide
Pause Slideshow
Next Slide

Ready for your Close-Up. Photograph the slate at the start of each shot.

Quick Data Entry. Simply tap on a slate field to change production information directly on the slate.

Set Timecode. Easily “jam” (set) the timecode using an optimized keypad to enter new values, or display clock time-of-day.

Sync Timecode using Bluetooth to other iPhones and iPod touches (requires OS 3).

Roll/Scene/Take Apple-up buttonRoll/Scene/Take. Use the optimized keypad to quickly increment roll, scene, take.

Entering contact for Director or Director of PhotographyAdd People Quickly. Choose director and D.P. names from your contacts, saved History, or enter them using the keyboard.

Load production data from historyLoad Production Data from the saved History— making it easy to quickly switch between multiple productions.

Have it your way. You can even customize the slate’s appearance for each production or shot. Choose from various clapper stick designs, slate background colors, slate fonts, and clock timecode colors.


  • Integrated slate and clapperboard

  • Can lock slate orientation to Landscape or Portrait

  • Edit production information directly on the slate

  • Option to load Director, DP/Cameraman names from Contacts or History

  • Buttons to quick-increment roll, scene, take

  • Supports FPS rates: 15, 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60, 72, 100, custom

  • Digital timer display uses time-of-day, or free running clock time

  • Super easy and fast to “jam” (set) timecode using specialized keypad

  • Timecode continues even when the app is not running

  • Sync timecode over Bluetooth to other iPhones & iPod touches

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Canon announcement 1 more day to go…!

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AJA io HD “Week 10 still no FCP-3/Snow Leopard drivers”

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AJA logo

Nick Rashby, president of AJA has the power to kick ass within AJA in order that video professionals all over the globe could finally receive the new firmware for the £2500 AJA io HD. It has been 10 weeks since Final Cut Studio 3 was introduced, this is a lot of lost time “NOT USING FCP-7, Motion-4 the list goes on.

What on earth is taking so long to update, after a recent phone call to AJA I was told there were 2 issues left to resolve with Apple and this was 2 weeks ago ! Yes I do realise AJA have a policy of not putting drivers out till they are thoroughly tested but 10 weeks is a bit much…!

I personally have one major job on hold as I need the facilities of Motion-4 to take it forward…At least when Panasonic had a problem with the 301 they were man enough not only to admit to it but appeared regularly on this blog with updated news and a solution…no such luck with AJA.

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Advert for Greenpeace Shown on MTV shot by Philip Bloom (Canon 5DMk11)

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Greenpeace: Voices of change. Shot on Canon 5dmkII from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

This is a fine example of what can be produced using a Canon 5DMk11 digital stills camera with full HD movie mode. When I see footage as good as this I get sorely tempted to produce something with my 5DMk11.

Mr Bloom “I am once again on my travels…this time I am in Delhi, India. Shooting a commercial/ mini Doc for Greenpeace based out of Amsterdam. It’s to go in the ad breaks of CNN, Al Jazeera and National Geographic. The plan is to have a series of case studies highlighting how climate change is affecting different countries and people around the world. This is the first one and it’s all about the effect on the big urban cities.

Lucy Campbell-Jackson from Greenpeace is the director, Prajna Khanna is the producer and I have my twitter buddy Guarav Sharma as my assistant as well as his friend and fellow 5d owner Umesh

We’re here for a week and so far today we have just shot B-Roll. We went into Old Delhi and into the Spice Market. Wow that was pungent! We went up into one of the shops to get a top shot and we walked through where they were bagging all the spices, I actually felt quite dizzy and sick it was so overpowering!

Once again I am shooting on the Canon 5dmkII. Popular camera this…I get asked a lot for it! I like shooting with it, great pics and small, but the limitations and frustrations still get to me a bit. Loved to do some nice timelapse or overcranking but that’s a no go with the 5d. You can shoot stills for timelapse but that’s a pain for the client.”

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Canon “4 Days to go”

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Ultimate Guide to using a RED camera

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Writer/director Noah Kadner provides training and workflow presentations for moviemakers at all levels. He has worked at Apple, testing future versions of Final Cut Studio as part of a special internal production team. Noah hosts and produces Call Box, a series of digital filmmaker training courses on DVD; he works as a forum administrator for 2-pop.com, CreativeCow.net and DVXuser.com, and is an kadner_noah_cApple Certified Trainer. He also writes for publications such as 3D World and American Cinematographer. Noah was an early adopter of RED and has owned two RED cameras since October 2007.

Excerpt from Noah Kadner’s book…

“Configuring a RED ONE camera package can be a challenging prospect because of the sheer variety of choices. Hundreds of accessories are available from a number of manufacturers, including RED, such as batteries, mounting hardware, onboard monitors, an electronic viewfinder (EVF), and two sizes of camera-mountable LCD monitors. RED also offers its own branded set of prime and zoom lenses designed for the camera. The camera is also compatible with many preexisting 35mm optics and accessories as well as new products designed by third-party manufacturers especially for the camera system.

So, what do you really need in a RED package—and what’s nice to have if you can afford it? In this chapter, we’ll look at the major categories of equipment and accessories and I’ll offer my own personal recommendations. Then you’ll learn about assembling RED packages at specific price points and for specific purposes.”

The RED ONE is an amazing piece of kit but you need a PHD in Mecanno to build the thing and an engineering degree to make it happen so if you are contemplating using a RED ONE for your next production make sure your cameraman has read this book at least 10 times !

Peachpit Press Book form $49.49    Adobe Reader $39.59


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Canon teaser advert in Sweden

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Translation (thanks)

Mark the calendar

During this fall, Canon will make one of its largest and most important launches in the company’s history and we hope you can attend. During a luncheon, you are invited to listen to CEO Jouko Tuouminen, Marketing presiden Monica Forsberg and trend analyst Magnus Lindkvist, talking about tomorrows trends and factors of success in the continually more digitalized everyday life.

Interesting but I no longer think this is a film like camcorder, though the words “largest and most important launches in the company’s history” keep me hoping, anyway I can’t believe that a company like Canon would do this for a photocopier…do you .

Link : http://www.canonrumors.com/2009/09/announcement-teaser/

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