Fast stabilizer for FCP from Core Melt

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Core Melt

CoreMelt has released Lock & Load, a new video editing plugin for Final Cut Pro. It’s a stabilizer that the folks at CoreMelt say runs at six times the speed of Apple’s built-in stabilizer, Smoothcam.

Lock and load is capable of intelligently ignoring foreground motion, even on busy scenes or with dark backgrounds. No need to choose tracking points, as the plug-in intelligently analyzes the entire clip for you. With intelligent adaptive zoom, Lock & Load will automatically compensate for differing levels of movement and zoom in to remove edges.

It removes or smooths rotation and zoom changes as well as X and Y movement. Lock & Load analyses only the portion of the clip you select, so there’s no need to export and re-import long clips. It works with all kinds of footage, no “too much movement” errors.

The multithreaded motion analysis uses all processors on your system. Lock & Load offers a realtime preview of the smoothed clip without rendering.

Lock & Load normally retails for US$149. However, through Sept. 8 you can get it for $129. And if you already own CoreMelt Complete V2, you can buy Lock & Load for $99.

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