Sony PDW-U1 Mac drivers now available after 24 month delay !

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PDW-U1-webSony have announced that the drivers to allow you to transfer SxS files via an Apple Mac are finally here…only after 24 months. Sony should be ashamed of themselves taking so long to bring out these drivers. Many of us including myself bought the PDW-U1 24 months ago with the indication that Sony would have the drivers 3 months later.

I sent back my virgin U1 to Preston Media as it was £1700 of capital sitting in a box doing nothing, I am so glad I made that decision as 24 months later we are only now getting those Mac drivers.

Many of us are archiving SxS by not using the SxS cards themselves but using the MxM cards from Australia that utilize the SDHC cards. This has become my favored way of archiving so Sony have lost out again.

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