Flowlight Microbeam 256

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256 Flow LightHigh output compact LED light, 200W hotlight equivalent output. 5400K with 5 filters included. Models available for Canon, JVC, Panasonic and Sony batteries.

• 256 Ultra Bright 5400K LED’s
• External DC input 7-16v DC
• Full dimming via dimmer knob on back of unit
• Runs for hours on standard Lion camera batteries
• Rugged aluminum case
• Slide in filter holder
• Color correction/diffuser gels included
• Hotshoe swivel mount included
• Full filter pack including conversion to 3200K
• 12VDC, includes camera battery mounting plates for (your choice of one) JVC, Sony, Canon and Panasonic. Also accepts 12V DC directly
• Heavy duty anodized aluminum construction available in black or red
• Brighter than units costing much more
• On camera LED light operates for hours on standard LiOn camcorder batteries.
• Use your existing batteries with mounts for Sony, Panasonic, Canon or JVC.

A few months ago we pulled it from general availability as we wanted to make it even better and improve our component supply chain. As many of you know, even the powerful MicroBeam 128 has been out of stock a lot recently due to exceptional ongoing demand. We’ve ramped up production, and don’t expect to many more hiccups in availability (possibly one more next week with the expected rush). As always with these two hot products, the MicroBeam 128 and the MicroBeam 256, we recommend getting them right away if you see them in stock on our site. Right now we have them both. We’ve disabled overnight shipping for a few days due to the expected rush.

USA $499

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